Vintage Motorcycle Machine work and restorations

Welcome to Apparatus Mechanical Classics!

ApparatusMC is the culmination of 50+ years experience figuring out how things work, don’t work, break, come apart, and get put back together again.

Our operation has been set up to assist enthusiasts and mechanics with specialized machine work, welding, and other services requiring machinery and skills that are not readily available or practical for every individual to own or attain. We recognize that there are a variety of skill levels and vision, so starters as well as finishers are welcome. We will do our best to machine, build, or assemble your project to whatever level you require. If we can’t do it (or it isn’t practical) we will let you know tactfully, or recommend someone who can. Attitude & ego not practiced (or welcomed) here.

We stock parts from a variety of suppliers with an emphasis on quality valve train components from Kibblewhite and other quality vendors.


Contact Us To day

Call or contact Skip to discuss your project.

  • Head rebuilding

  • Valve guide and seat installation

  • Diamond guide honing

  • 3-angle seat cutting and grinding

  • Alloy weld repairs

  • Cylinder boring and honing

  • Sleeve installation

  • Case, crankshaft, con rod rebuilding

  • Surface conditioning/cleaning

  • Vapor honing, glass bead/abrasive blasting

  • Complete motor and transmission building

  • General machine work and parts fabrication


About Our Shop

We have 50+ year accumulation of specialized tooling and ability to use it.

Machine Shop Equipment on Site Includes:

  • Lathes 8" & 16" swing, Hardinge HLV-H toolroom lathe

  • Bridgeport & Cincinati Vertical Mills

  • Custom fixtures for valve seat replacement & 3 angle cutting

  • Sunnen honing tooling, 2 honing machines

  • Rottler Boring equipment

  • MIG & TIG welding

  • 12" buffer/polisher

  • Vapor Hone, Bead blaster, Jet Spray Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Rotary (Blanchard style) Surface Grinder

  • Frame straightening/fabrication fixture

  • Hydraulic Mandrel bender


About out PROjects

Apparatus Mechanics Classics does machine work on vintage motorcycle engines and chassis parts. Machine work on projects from the pre-fuel injected era. We have worked on BSA, Matchless, Indian, Triumph, Norton, BMW, Zundapp, Honda, Yamaha, HD, and many others.