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IMG_5832Welcome to Apparatus Mechanical Classics!

AMC is the culmination of 50+ years experience figuring out how things work, don’t work, break, come apart, and get put back together again as Motorcycle Art with Practical Performance . The ultimate in reCycling!

The business end of AMC has been set up to assist enthusiasts with specialized machine work, welding, and other services requiring machinery and skills that are not readily available or practical for every individual to own or attain. We recognize that there are a variety of skill levels and vision, so starters as well as finishers are welcome. We will do our best to machine, build, or assemble your project. If we can’t do it (or it isn’t practical) we will let you know tactfully, or recommend someone who can. Attitude & ego not practiced (or welcomed) here.

We also have access to companies that supply parts and listings for locally available bikes & used bits

Part of the AMC site is dedicated to showcasing what folks are doing, building, and riding with the hope that new ideas will evolve . While a lot of what we do is about technology, enthusiasm and positive riding experiences are foremost.  Following are a few of the enthusiasts that are making this happen:

Skip Green–Machinist & Engine builder

Peggy Green–Sales Manager

Aaron Green –Test Pilot

Jon Swan– Reality Checker & Brit  Enthusiast

Andrew Eckerson — Web Support

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